Grav@zon Group Meeting

Group photos taken after the lectures by Prof. Gonzalo Olmo on April May 7th (top) and 9th (bottom) 2018. (May/2018)


Prof. Gonzalo Olmo visited Belém

Professor Gonzalo J. Olmo, from University of Valência (Spain), visited Belém, and gave the course entitled "A correspondence between metric-affine modified gravity and General Relativity". (May/2018)


Stephen Hawking passed away

Professor Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14th, 2018. Members of the Graduate Program in Physics of the Federal University of Pará, including Grav@zon members, influenced by Hawking's work, both in Black Hole Physics and in Scientific Outreach, gave interviews for a local newspaper about the legacy left by Prof. Hawking. (March/2018)


Adrià Delhom is visiting Belém

The Ph.D. student Adrià Delhom I Latorre, supervised by Gonzalo J. Olmo, from University of Valência (Spain), is currently visiting Belém, and gave the talk entitled "Constraining metric-affine gravity models from particle collisions through non-metricity". (March/2018)


Haroldo Lima's final undergraduate exam

Haroldo Cilas Duarte Lima Junior defended his undergraduate monograph "Kerr and Kerr-Newman Spacetimes: Rotating Black Holes".  The exam took place at the Belém Campus of the Federal University of Pará on March 5th, 2018. The undergraduate thesis was supervised by the Grav@zon member Prof. Luís C. B. Crispino. The Board of Examination was composed by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Costa de Lima (UFPA) and Dr. Luiz Carlos dos Santos Leite (UFPA). Congratulations Haroldo! (March/2018)


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