Welcome to the Grav@Zon - Gravity @ Amazonia - webpage! Grav@Zon is a team of professors, researchers and students, dedicated to understand how gravity works and how fundamental fields/particles gravitate. The group is based mainly in Amazonia - Brazil, with collaborators in other parts of the world. Check out our team members.


Hector Silva is visiting Belém

The postdoctoral researcher at Montana State University, Hector Okada da Silva, is currently visiting Belém, and gave the talk entitled "The extremal physics of Neutron stars".


Grav@zon Group Meeting

Group photos taken after the lectures by Prof. Gonzalo Olmo on April May 7th (top) and 9th (bottom) 2018.


Thomas Stratton is visiting Belém

The Ph.D. student Thomas Paul Stratton, supervised by Samuel Richard Dolan, from University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), is currently visiting Belém, and gave the talk entitled "Rainbow scattering in the gravitational field of a compact object".


Prof. Gonzalo Olmo visited Belém

Professor Gonzalo J. Olmo, from University of Valência (Spain), visited Belém, and gave the course entitled "A correspondence between metric-affine modified gravity and General Relativity".


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