Invited talks by Professor Crispino @ Brazilian Physics Meeting

Professor Crispino gave two invited talks, one technical and other outreach,during the Brazilian Physics Meeting, in September 2016,

in occasion of the celebration of the 50 years of the Brazilian Society of Physics.


Grav@zon at Portugal

Members of the Grav@zon team have participated in the celebration of the centennial of General Relativity at Aveiro, Portugal.






IVth NRHEP Meeting in Rome

The fourth edition of the NRHEP meeting held in Rome, ended successfully, full of interesting discussions and perspectives. Here is the oficial photo of the conference.


Group @ Sapienza University - Roma

Many members of the Grav@Zon group participated in the NRHEP Meeting and MG14 Meeting at Sapienza University, in Rome - Italy.


III Amazonian Symposium on Physics and V NRHEP Network Meeting is approaching

The Amazonian Symposium on Physics (ASP) is an introductory to mid-level symposium intended to be regularly held by the Graduate Program in Physics at the Pará University, presently a Federated Institution of the ICTP.

This meeting is the fifth and last global meeting of the Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics (NRHEP) network, funded by the European Union as a Marie Curie IRSES project.


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