Welcome to the Grav@Zon - Gravity @ Amazonia - webpage! Grav@Zon is a team of professors, researchers and students, dedicated to understand how gravity works and how fundamental fields/particles gravitate. The group is based mainly in Amazonia - Brazil, with collaborators in other parts of the world. Check out our team members.


Zeus Sales's final undergraduate exam

Zeus Sales Moreira defended his undergraduate monograph entitled "Quantization of scalar field in Schwarzschild geometry".  The exam took place at the Belém Campus of the Federal University of Pará. The undergraduate monograph was supervised by the Grav@zon member Prof. Dr. Luís C. B. Crispino. The Board of Examination was composed by: Prof. Dr. Carolina Loureiro Benone (UFPA/Salinópolis) and Dr. Rafael Pinto Bernar (UFPA). Congratulations, Zeus! (September/2019)


Carolina L. Benone gave a course at Valencia University

Carolina Benone, from the Grav@zon group, gave the course entitled "Wave propagation in black holes and analogues: Absorption, scattering and clouds" at the University of Valencia, Spain, targeted for Master and PhD students. (July/2019)


VII Amazonian Workshop on Gravity and Analogue Models takes place in Belém

The VII Amazonian Workshop on Gravity and Analogue Models took place at the Federal University of Pará on 5th - 9th August 2019. The event gathered many scientists discussing exciting results from General Relativity. In this edition, the VII Amazonian Workshop on Gravity and Analogue Models had around 10 seminars and 3 short courses. (August/2019)


FunFiCO RISE project mid-term meeting

The mid-term meeting of the FunFiCO RISE project took place on July 13th at Valencia University, in Spain. This is a Marie Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange partnership between Aveiro University (coordinator), Sheffield University (UK), UFPA (Brazil), UNAM (Mexico) and Valencia University (Spain). (July/2019)


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