Welcome to the Grav@Zon - Gravity @ Amazonia - webpage! Grav@Zon is a team of professors, researchers and students, dedicated to understand how gravity works and how fundamental fields/particles gravitate. The group is based mainly in Amazonia - Brazil, with collaborators in other parts of the world. Check out our team members.


Honorable Mention @ CAPES National Thesis Prize

Carolina L. Benone's Phd Thesis entitled "Scalar Fields In Black Hole Spacetimes And Analogues" received honorable mention in the Brazilian CAPES Thesis Awards.

Well Done Carolina ! (October/2018)


Rafael Bernar's Doctoral Exam

Rafael Pinto Bernar defended his Doctoral Thesis entitled "Semiclassical Approach To Gravitational Perturbations In Spherically Symmetric Spacetimes And Applications". The exam took place at the Federal University of Pará on July 25th, 2018. The thesis was supervised by the Grav@zon member Prof. Dr. Luís C. B. Crispino. The Board of Examination was composed by Prof. Dr. Van Sérgio da Silva Alves (UFPa), Prof. Dr. Manuel Eleuterio Rodrigues (UFPa), Prof. Dr. Alberto Vazquez Saa (UNICAMP) and Prof. Dr. Jailson Souza de Alcaniz (ON). Congratulations Rafael! (July/2018)


Adrià Delhom is visiting Belém

The Ph.D. student Adrià Delhom I Latorre, supervised by Gonzalo J. Olmo, from University of Valência (Spain), is currently visiting Belém, and gave the talk entitled "Probing nonmetricity with particle scattering". (August/2018)


Hector Silva is visiting Belém

The postdoctoral researcher at Montana State University, Hector Okada da Silva, is currently visiting Belém, and gave the talk entitled "The extremal physics of Neutron stars". (June/2018)


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